Sharon’s Legacy

With a heavy heart but a smile on my face I want to announce that we have a Sharon Legacy event at the shop.  Dorothy has been helping Tim go through Sharon’s stitching supplies, accessories, and stash.  The things that he has agreed to part with are in the shop.  We are going to have them there for the next two weeks.  During that time please come by and see if there is anything that you would like to acquire by leaving a donation to help with the child care for Tim. 

I have posted a page on the web site that has many of the items that we have set up as an auction.  It consists of a collection of scissors, of all types, and some projects that have been kitted up with all the specialty threads and fabric.  Some of these have already been started and some have not.  As far as the charts and other accessories they will be in the shop for you to look at and leave a donation.  Every penny that we collect will be going to the Family to help them get through this tough time in their lives.  Please help us to make this a success to help with the children and their needs during this time of sorrow.

Dorothy and I laughed and cried while we went though her things.  Some of them are “What were you thinking Sharon?” and some were “This is what she was all about.” 

I hope that all of you will take the time to come and share with the family and enjoy some of Sharon’s stitching items. 

If you have any questions please call and we will do the best we can to answer them.  You can also email us at with your bids for the items that are on the web site.  The link to the page is .

We thank you in advance for all your support with this event. 

We have moved the blog to another location.  Please find us at .  We are also on Facebook and Twitter.  You can locate us there from our home page. 

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New Namaste Bags

Yeah the new Namaste Bags should be here tomorrow.  There are a couple of new colors and a new style.  I have included a picture of the new style.  They are the same price as the rest of  the bags $75.00.  Also coming are the Oh Snap! pouches in both the small and large sizes.   The large sizes come in a set of two for $15.00 and the smaller ones are a set of 3 for the same price. 

Just Nan will be releasing two new pieces for Halloween, Counting Bats and the Over the Top Spooky Tin.  They are really cute and for those of us that are Halloween peoples, a must have.  They are also releasing a new Pumpkin Tapesty Needle  Slide and a Pumpkin Jack Charm Garden Pin.  I have pictures of those in the shop but don’t want to post them as Just Nan will not be posting her pictures unil Mid August.  So if you want to come in and see the pictures I have them and you can pre-order the pieces. 

The Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament Edition is also available for pre-order.  I also understand that they have an October edition with Halloween Ornaments so I am going to order a few of  those also. 
This should bring you up to date a bit.  So I’m off for now to work on the model of the upcoming Shades of Green class.
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Boy Was I Surprised!

What a wonderful surprise I walked in on this morning.  Dorothy and I had discussed rearranging the shop and  I came in this morning to find that she and her crew of   boys had unexpectedly done it.

Things are pretty quiet around here, mostly I think, because of the heat.  Although, remember, when you come and visit we have the air on so you will be comfortable.

Also remember to check your email tomorrow as there is a sale announcement for those of you that missed the blog yesterday.  It should be fun and I hope that all of you will take advantage of the opportunity to get some wonderful things at a reduced price. 

I didn’t get to go to the “Stitch ‘n Pitch” cause I was sick, but sent my husband and son-in-law.   Jerry didn’t have much to say when he got home, but I was pretty much out of it from being sick all day.  I hope to get a report from some of the others that went. 

Here is an update for your calendar of upcoming events at the shop:

August 8th – Seasonal House Class

August 15th – All Day Stitch and Deadline for Signing up for the Shades of Green Class & Christmas Tree Class

August 29th – Christmas Tree Class

September 1st – Deadline for Alex Class in November and thread deposit due

September 12th – Part 1 of the Shades of Green Class (2nd part October 10)

That should give you a pretty good run down on what will be happening here i the next month on Saturdays.


Well enough for now, talk to you soon.


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It’s Monday again!

Ok – so Vicki hasn’t been able to keep up with the blog. With the DSL out at the shop last week, it was really bad! So, here I am! It’s me (Dorothy) working at the shop today and poor Vicki is home sick. I offered to write on Mondays and so I will try to be, if not interesting, at least entertaining. I am not sure how many of you will check the blog since it has been  at least a week since our last post…

Well, here it is, July 20 and have you started your Christmas projects yet? Have you even thought about them? Do you have one ready to start? No? Well, come on in! Beginning Saturday, July 25th, we will be offering 20% all items in the store! And if your total is more than the temperature outside – insert drumroll! – we will give you an extra 10% off your purchase! And, if you pay cash, we will give you another 5% off! Now are you excited about Christmas?!

No? Well, maybe you should shake off your doldrums and come spend some time with us here at the shop! We can help you choose a project or even get started on one! Stuck on a stitch? Come ask us for help! For those of you who do needlepoint, maybe you should call first and make sure Vicki is here – she is better at it than I am! And make sure you join us for the upcoming All Day Stitches and you can get a lot of stitching done…. Our next one is August 15!

I almost forgot to mention that we are taking pre-orders for the Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue – let us know if you want it!

Keep on stitching!
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Stitchin on Saturday

We had a great time on Saturday.  We had 11 ladies here and what a good time of fellowship.

The biggest problem was the lack of DSL in the shop that day but it actually gave us more stitching time instead of trying to find new things on the computer.

Here are the pictures that of the projects that we all were working on.

The last 5 pictures are from some of the ladies that I missed when they were leaving.   I wanted to include those also.

Maybe next time you can come and enjoy some time with us on a Stitchin Day.  We have scheduled it for August 15 th.  See you soon.


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How Magnets do you have?

Well to be honest I have lost count.   Maybe that is because I have too many projects in progress and each one has it’s own magnet/magnets residing there waiting for me.   Most of my projects have at least two one for needles and one to hold the chart so it is right in my face. 

Of course, there are many different styles of magnets and if you are a tool sucker like I have you have to have at least one of every kind that you can find.  I am going to show you a few of the ones that are available.

These are just a few of the styles.  Ask and we can show you more.

Don’t forget the stitchin on Saturday.

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Apologies Again

The bad news is I currently don’t have Internet at the shop because the modem is gone and AT&T can’t get there till Monday to fix it.  So no blog right now from the shop,  sorry.   So here I sit at home trying to get this done since I have missed the last two days.  Sharon is screaming at me because I have not gotten them done.

Just a brief update.  We are gearing up for Christmas.  Yes, I know it is still six months away but if you get started on your projects now they will be done for Christmas.  We have lots of Christmas charts and needlepoints in the shop for you to choose from.  I have noticed a few of the designers have released some Holiday items so they will be arriving soon.  In the mean time while we are waiting for the new charts don’t forget that the old ones are just as wonderful.  So we are offering you a 25% discounton them, if you mention this blog post. 

 We will be putting up some of the Christmas pieces that are complete.  If we don’t have the chart the ones that you would like to have we will order it for you and give you a 25% discount on that chart if you purchase the threads to go with it.

Ok enough on Christmas for now and I am going to close for now.   Thanks again for your support and understanding.


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Monday again…

So, I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and got to stitch at least a little! Vicki is teaching a class of young girls this morning, so I thought that maybe I could help out a little and do the blog.

Are you in love with your scissors? You know, those wonderful things you use to clip your threads? Do you have to have the new ones as they come out? Do you look for new and different scissors? Is one of your hobbies collecting scissors? Well, I think at last count I had at least 15 pairs of scissors! Most of them Ginghers. There is just something about the smooth way they feel when you open and close them. (Which you should always do when contemplating a new pair of scissors. If they open and close smoothly, then by all means you should buy them!) How many pairs do you have?

I know that Vicki is totally in love with the Dovo scissors and she collects them. I am not sure she knows exactly how many she has, but if she goes to a show where someone has some, she comes home with them and enables the rest of us!

Now, you may be asking yourself  Why? Well, for me there is just an inherent love of beautiful things and the ginghers have attracted me since my mother-in-law first bought me a pair of Gingher sewing shears and taught me to sew. I still have those scissors 20 years later. When I started cross-stitching I had those cheap fold-up scissors – do you remember those? Then I found the Gingher embroidery scissors and once I started hanging out at the shop regularly, it was all downhill for me! I had another hobby! 

Good, sharp scissors are extremely important for hardanger work. They need to have a fine point and be very sharp to cut the fabric threads correctly (one hopes and prays!) I find that having good scissors is helpful for frogging too. And besides, there is nothing worse than not having your scissors cut the first time! If you need to have your scissors sharpened, we have someone who stops by every once in a while and hand sharpens our scissors.

Keep Stitching,
Stitcher’s Treasures

Friday and no updates on WIP

With the holiday weekend upon us there was only three of us at the shop last night so I don’t have any updates.  In fact,  none of us actually stitched.  I was working on the computer and Aleata just wanted to escape for a bit and Pauline was just getting a project started.  So there you have it.

Instead of an update on WIP let me give you and update on the upcoming calendar.

  • July 11 – All Day Stitch
  • August 8 – Seasonal House Class
  • August 15 – All Day Stitch
  • August 29 – Patchwork Christmas Tree
  • September 12 – Shades of Green
  • September 19 – Seasonal House Class
  • September 26 – All Day Stitch
  • October 10 – Shades of Green
  • October 17 – Seasonal House
  • October 31 – All Day Spooky Stitch


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Oops! I forgot.

I have to apologize for no post yesterday but I redid the window at the shop and when I got finished I, well, forgot.  I love to do the window but it is very time consuming and as we all know there is never enough time to do all the things we need to do.

I just thought I would give you a glimpse of what it takes to do the decorating at the shop.  So please bear with me.

First I have to come up with an idea.  Thanks be to the Higher Powers I could use the theme of the 4th of July this time, that made it a bit easier. 

Next,I have to go out to the garage at home and dig through all the boxes to find the right one that “might” hold the items I want to use.  This is not as easy as you would think, what with all the Christmas boxes full of Santas and other magical things from Christmas, I can never find the right box.  So,  just imagine me on a ladder, which I hate, looking on the top shelves of  the storage wall.  This is a pretty comical sight because if I do fall, I don’t bounce really well, although I should with all the extra . . . well do I need to say more?

After finding the right box, I have to get the furniture dolly, if  it has not been taken to Jerry’s warehouse up the hill, load the boxes and then wheel it out to the car.  In doing this, I hope that I have remembered to put Misty in the house, otherwise she is biting at the wheels.  I load the car and head for the shop.  Trying to get there before 10 am to open on time.

Upon arrival at the shop, it seems that an explosion has taken place and that I have boxes and decorating items everywhere.  I really do try to do the window on weekends so none of you have to view this mess.  It didn’t work yesterday as I welcomed at least 4 of you to the world of window decorating.  You poor people.  And let us not forget, that whenever I put my foot into the window area, the phone rings.  Now, yesterday, I remembered to take it with me but then had to go to the back of the shop and, of course, it was at the front of the shop and it started ringing.  So, as I tripped over everything to get to it I looked pretty silly.

After I finally get the window the way I want it, then it is time to inspect it from the outside to see if  it looks good enough to present to you.  I go outside to inspect it and find that the fabric is not quite straight or laying the way I want it and the is a hole here or there, so time to find more stuff.  After I fill the holes, then I get to clean up the disaster I have made of the shop.  So, in a nut shell that is just a small glimpse of the silliness that goes into doing a window.  It is really more comical when Jerry comes and helps me do the Halloween and  Christmas windows.  Maybe we should sell tickets to the show. 

I am including a picture of the finished product this time.  I hope you enjoy.

Keep Stitching
Stitcher’s Treasures

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